PRs and Goals

Race PRs
5K: 21:35, 6:57 pace, spring
5 mile: 38:17, 7:39 pace, fall
10K: 48:58, 7:53 pace, fall
10 mile: 1:24:21, 8:26 pace, summer
Half Marathon: 1:45:47, 8:05 pace, summer
Marathon: 3:31:02, 8:03 pace, spring

Unofficial Running PRs
10 mile: 1:20:03, 8:01 pace (in a half marathon)
Half Marathon: 1:43:45, 7:55 pace, spring (in a marathon)
Half Marathon II: sub-1:40 ... don't remember exactly, spring (unmeasured in a marathon)

Running Goals
(no particular order and no set timeline for achieving these goals ... whenever they happen)

Get my 5K time under 22:00 CHECK
Get my 5K time under 21:00
Get my half marathon time under 1:45:00 Half-check. Does it count in a marathon? ;-)
Then get my half marathon time under 1:40:00 Half-check. Does it count if it was completely unofficial in a marathon? ;-)
Qualify for the Boston Marathon (3:35:00) CHECK
Qualify for the Gansett Marathon (3:35:00, but I suspect this will change soon) CHECK