Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Value of Rest

Running and I had a brief breakup after the Cox Marathon. I needed to let my heel/foot/ankle heal. Breaks are necessary, especially if you've been training constantly from late August to May 1. You can't keep going going going all the time. I had a few days of complete rest. Then a few days walking around Washington, DC. I purposely did not bring exercise clothes so that I could not run. Good, because DC is a city of runners. At one point on the Mall, there were more runners than tourists. In the middle of the day. I was impressed. Then I ventured back to the gym and started doing some strength training and cross training.

16 days. That was as long as I could stay away from running. I've logged about 15 miles this week.

The bad news is that my foot still hurts. It's more like mild irritation and an itchy feeling than pain, but it's enough that it will be a problem if it continues. I replaced my shoes so maybe that will help. The good news is that it isn't getting worse. Thankfully, the marathon didn't make it worse either.

I have another 2 weeks til I'm supposed to start training for Chicago. "Supposed to" is the key phrase. Hmmmm.

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