Monday, February 18, 2013

Boston Training Week 10

My plan for the week was cross train, run 3 and 7 miles, cross train, rest, 4 mile run and 15 mile long run.

Sunday - one hour yoga of Yoga for Runners.

Monday - 3.8 mile run. Outside.

Tuesday - 60 minutes on the bike in the AM. Core work and clamshell planks in the PM.

Wednesday - 4.6 mile run outside in the AM. Upper body strength training, calf raises, and clamshell planks at lunch.

Thursday - Rest.

Friday - 35 minutes on the bike, plus chest exercises and clamshells.

Saturday - 15 mile run. Ran later than I usually do. The first 9 miles were fine. The last 6, not so much.

Total Miles: 23.4

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