Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On the Road out of the Rhode

I have been on the cusp of moving out of Rhode Island since, oh, 2007? 2008? In 2008, it was almost to Delaware (Dela where? Dela who?) where my husband was in grad school. But it took me longer than I anticipated to make progress on my PhD. So I planned on staying put til I had just my dissertation left. And then it made more sense professionally for me to stay in Rhode Island. I started teaching. I got asked to teach again. And again. My husband's job moved him to the Boston area. I graduated and accepted a post-doc in Rhode Island. We were set for a while. We moved in with his parents (It was supposed to be for a few months and yet I am still there almost 2 years later). Then he got a new job and moved to Washington, DC. I stayed in Rhode Island in my post-doc because once again, it made more sense professionally for me to stay in Rhode Island.

Well, I am not teaching at the moment. My post-doc is almost over. I won't have anything holding me in Rhode Island soon. I finally reached the point where I just need to pick up and go, job or no job. Everything other than what will fit in my car is currently in transit to Washington, DC. I trail along in late March or early April.

There's a lot I will miss about Rhode Island. My running buddies. My grad school friends. Proximity to Boston. Lots of good restaurants. Being near the ocean.

It's unfortunate that I think that the economy in Rhode Island is going get worse before it gets better. That's part of the reason why I can't stay in Rhode Island. Cities are about to go bankrupt. Taxes and unemployment are too high. My post-doc was one of a handful of jobs for me. Too bad. Rhode Island is a small strange place. But it is a nice small strange place.

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