Monday, May 28, 2012

Minimalist Running

Sometime in the past, I said I wanted to try minimalist running when I wasn't training for anything. Well, I am in between training cycles. Now is the time to try it.

I already had a pair of miminalist shoes, the Saucony Hattori shoes (review here). I have been using them to help my balance during strength training. For that purpose, they were great. I could feel the floor better without all the cushioning of a running shoe.

The first time I tried running in the Hattoris, I ran maybe about a quarter mile total. It wasn't exactly the greatest idea to test them up and down hills, although I didn't really have much of a choice. Still, I could feel the difference. My calves felt it. My footstrike was different, mostly. I still landed mostly on my heels, especially on uphills but ran more on my toes on uphills. My stride was shorter. Much shorter. A few days later, I ran about .4 mile in them. Slowly. Then .6 mile on a treadmill slightly slower than my regular pace. My calves still felt it but not as much. Then .8 mile total. It was different, but good.

I know you have build slowly to minimalist running, and I do not intend to stick with it long-term. But I would like to work up to a couple of miles. A wee bit by a wee bit. Try it out to see what it's like.

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