Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down: Liquids

Thumbs Up

Nuun - electrolyte tablets that dissolve in plain water. Not too sweet. Tastes better than plain water. Makes me thirsty just like Gatorade, though. One tablet is supposed to dissolve in 16 ounces of water, but I think it should be more like 12 ounces. I have tried citrus, orange, lemon-lime, tri-berry, strawberry lemonade, and lemon tea and like them all. Lemon-lime is my least favorite. Strawberry lemonade is my most favorite. Lemon tea has some caffeine. I can't run with orange-colored or orange-flavored anything, so the orange and citrus are just for pre-hydration or after runs. I will have access to public water fountains in DC, so I am looking forward to using Nuun in the summer. A girl can only carry so much water. I also use it as part of my pre-hydration plan a couple of days before a long run in the heat. So far so good.

Chemex coffee - Chemex is a method for brewing coffee, not coffee itself. A Chemex coffeemaker looks like a chemistry beaker. It's pretty simple. Boil water, put the filter in the top, add coffee grounds, pour the water over the grounds, and wait. Now, you need special filters. You need a ground slightly coarser than what you'd put in a drip coffeemaker. It is helpful if you have an electric kettle (which I do ... much easier than boiling water on the stove). Chemex ain't cheap, but oh man, it makes some tasty coffee. I intensely dislike Starbucks coffee, but I will gladly drink Starbucks coffee brewed in a Chemex. It is not bitter at all. Plus their customer service is excellent. I support any company that stands by their products and makes it better.

Thumbs Down

chocolate Muscle Milk - It has a note on the package that Muscle Milk contains no actual milk. That should have been warning enough. I thought I had a carton of chocolate milk (same size and colors ... go figure). I didn't realize it was Muscle Milk until I had already poked the straw into it. It was awful. Awful awful awful. Did I mention awful? It tasted like overly sweet chemical-infused chocolate cake batter. Yuck. I'll take chocolate milk any day.

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