Saturday, June 23, 2012

Working It, Last No Plan Week

In between finishing Gansett on April 14 and now, I ran about 230 miles. Good job, self. That includes a 5K race where I set a PR (and won a prize!). My long runs were about 7-11 miles. I took a short hiatus of a little more than a week. I did a brief experiment with minimalist running and decided I'd have to start from scratch if I ever wanted to get beyond one mile. I slowed down a bit, but this was not a time to push it. There will be plenty of time for that over the next 18 weeks.

Sunday - about 45 minutes of yoga, plus calf raises

Monday - 4.3 mile run. In rain showers. Relatively cool. First run without water in over a week. Was going to do some exercises in the evening, but I hurt my wing somehow (sore shoulder ... no idea why ... think I slept funny).

Tuesday - 5.3 mile run. The wing was still hurting a bit but felt better later in the day. Did planks, one-legged squats, lower back, lunges, and core.

Wednesday - 6.3 mile run. Already hot and humid first thing in the morning. First run of the summer where my tank top did not make it to the end of the run. Did upper body strength training in the nice cool gym.

Thursday - Rest. Good day to rest. It was the hottest day so far.

Friday - 4.2 mile hot and humid run, plus pushups. Maybe this is going to be a long summer.

Saturday - about 7.8 mile run. Either I paused my Garmin at some point or it paused for no reason, so I lost about a mile. Oops. Hot and humid. Took a walk break in the middle to take a phone call.

Total Miles: about 28

And with that, I officially kick off training for the Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow. Bring it, marathon training!

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