Saturday, June 9, 2012

Working It, One More Week

This week is all about cross training and strength training. Woo!

Well, not woo. I get cranky when I don't run. Eh. It's just par for the course. A few days with no running will not kill me. A few days with no exercising at all might, but not a short running break. I need to do more cross-training anyway. And maybe it was my body's way of telling me, "Slow down, crazy woman."

I picked an inopportune week to take a running break. The weather was beautiful. Nice temperatures. Low humidity. Breezy and sometimes cloudy but dry. It was a treat after the heat and humidity of Memorial Day weekend. Too bad I didn't do a long run last weekend and spent most of this week inside at the gym.

And then I got the nastiest cold I've had in a long time. See, this is what happens when I don't run. I get sick. Every. Time. Or maybe it was the unseasonably pleasant weather and change in temperature. I had a slight sore throat when I woke up on Wednesday and progressively felt worse as the day went on. Came home from work and pretty much did nothing. Almost considered staying home on Thursday, but felt OK enough after breakfast and a shower. Still had the cold on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday - lunges, core work, squats, and 3 yoga podcasts. Pesky ankle was feeling better, but I could tell I needed more rest.

Monday - 35 minutes on the bike.

Tuesday - 40 minutes on the bike.

Wednesday - 6.1 mile run. Humid but cool. It was very pleasant. Ankle felt OK, too. Not completely fine but much much better. Happy National Running Day! Also did upper body strength training and calf raises in the morning. The nasty cold started getting to me in the afternoon. Bah.

Thursday - Rest. I plan on resting on Thursdays anyway, but the cold got in the way too.

Friday - Rest again. Still had the horrible cold. I would have attempted to run in the evening, but I forgot I had plans.

Saturday - 4.2 mile run. Slow and painful because I was still sick. Took a walk break every mile. It was not a time to push it. My ankle felt fine. That is good. Extra rest was not necessarily a bad thing.

Total Miles: 10.3. Double digits. Woo.

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