Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to School

Or not. No back to school for me. This is the first time since I was 3 years old that I am not enrolled in school, teaching a class, or working in an educational setting. Of course, the place where I work is in some ways like a university. It was relatively quiet over the summer. Things are already picking up.

Am I sad to see the unofficial end of summer? Not really. We got another blast of summer this week. I can't wait for the cool crispness of fall. Not sure when that will happen in DC, but it will happen eventually.

Am I sad that I will not have a fall racing season this year? Again, not really. Yeah, it was tough to bail on Marine Corps. But it is one of the few races where you can bail and transfer your bib to someone else. Road races aren't going anywhere. I am hopeful that I will be back out there soon. PT is helping. I am not cleared to run yet, but I get to try running on an anti-gravity contraption this week (yay!). And I still have my eyes on Boston for 2013.


  1. I'm glad that PT is helping! It really helped me this summer with my popliteal tendon issues! I struggled to find workouts I could still do (I was banned from all leg work for 6 weeks, ugh) and now I'm slowly working back to healthy! I'm spending this weekend doing a LOT of stretching and maybe a hike - workout without overdoing it. Good luck!!!!

    1. Thanks! I had some weird pain in the beginning of the week, but I think things are going in the right direction now. Hoping to back out there soon. Good luck to you too!