Saturday, March 23, 2013

Boston Training Week 15

My plan for the week was cross-train, run 5 and 10 miles, cross-train, rest, run 5 miles, and 20 mile long run.

Peak week. I haven't ran that much in nearly a year. 40 miles between me and taper. Sweet sweet taper and then the Boston Marathon. Assuming my ankle holds out. At this point, I am pretty sure it will.

Sunday - Yoga DVD, plus core work, pushups, clamshell planks, squats, lunges, and calf raises. Whew. That was a lot.

Monday - 5.3 mile run outside in light snow. Snow that doesn't stick is the kind of snow I like to run in. Makes it pretty but doesn't really interfere.

Tuesday - 10.2 miles on the treadmill. Booya, baby. Ran the first half with no music. Ankle felt twingy a couple of times but held up well.

Wednesday - 45 minutes on the bike, plus upper body lifting, planks, and foam rolling.

Thursday - Rest.

Friday - 5.3 mile run. Outside. In the cold. Pace was good, though. Yay.

Saturday - 20.2 miles in Rock Creek Park. Made of win. It was my longest AND fastest run of this training cycle. The weather was clear but chilly when I started. I actually started a little later than usual so it would warm up. Boston has a relatively late start, so starting your long run later is a good idea anyway. I dressed for the temperature later in my run, so I was cold at the beginning. Ran the first mile as a warm-up. In the 8:40s. Are you kidding?? I am in no shape to run 20 miles in the 8:40s. However, what I usually do on long runs is see where the pace falls in the first few miles and go from there. Maybe 8:40-8:50s was where this run was going to be. Took off my jacket at mile 4. I had planned a refuel and bathroom break around mile 5-6. I stopped to fill up my water bottles, eat some pretzels, and drop off my hat as well. Busted out the music at mile 12. Ran all the way down the path to the Kennedy Center on the banks of the Potomac River, then turned around to head back to my starting point. Pace was still in the 8:40s. Hmmm. There was a very cold wind once I turned around. I was glad I still had my arm sleeves and put them on and took them off as necessary. Stopped with about 2.5 miles to go to fill up one of my water bottles. The last few miles were tough. My hips were sore and I was getting bored. But I kept thinking about the Boston Marathon. Envisioned the course. Practiced my mantras. Tougher now. Smarter now. Yes I can. I finished in the high 8:30s. I have no idea how! This run was exactly what I needed going into taper. I am not as confident as I was going into Shamrock, but I'm feeling a lot better after today's run. Confidence is priceless.

Total Miles: 41

Hello, sweet taper. Nice to meet up with you again.

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