Saturday, March 30, 2013

Boston Training Week 16

My plan for the week was cross-train, run 5 and 8 miles, cross-train, rest, run 4 miles, and 12 mile long run.

First week of taper. I'm sure I'll be sinking into taper madness in a week or two, but for now I am enjoying taper. Usually I get phantom aches and pains (although those don't start til 2-3 weeks into taper), but at least for now everything is good. Even the pesky ankle. Some of my speed is coming back too. I'm not sure if it's an artifact of taper or I really am getting faster, but I'll take it.

Sunday - Yoga DVD, plus squats, lunges, lower back, pushups, and calf raises.

Monday - 5.3 miles outside in the snow. Let it be duly noted that I busted out the Yaktrax for the first time this winter. On March 25.

Tuesday - 8.2 miles on the treadmill. With mileage ramping down, I got to sleep a little later. Yay. And then went for a walk for about 1.5 miles to visit the Supreme Court at lunch. Because I could. And then did planks, clamshell planks, and abs in the evening.

Wednesday - 40 minutes on the bike, plus upper body strength training, obliques with a medicine ball, and foam rolling.

Thursday - Rest.

Friday - 4.3 mile run outside. Didn't even need my reflective gear, since I started a little later than usual and the sun is rising earlier.

Saturday - 13.2 mile long run. Was planning on 12 miles, but the weather was nice and I was enjoying being out on a run. I even lost a couple miles where I was off in lala land. Tested out my Under Armour Boston College Superfan shirt. I bought this shirt a year ago and hadn't even cut the tags off. It was now or never to see if it was a possibility for the Boston Marathon. Superfan shirt is a go.

Total Miles: 31

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