Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marathon Training Week 16

My training plan for the week was cross-train, run 5, 6, and 5 miles, rest, 4 mile pace run, and 12 mile long run. First week of taper. This is starting to look like a regular running week.

That pesky ankle is much better. Ahhhhhh. I'm still monitoring it carefully, but all is good so far. I didn't even need to adjust my training schedule this week. Now it just needs to hold out for another 15 days.

As of last Saturday, I reached 1000 miles ran this year. That includes several weeks off after marathons and injuries. Not too shabby.

Sunday – yoga class. Haven't been to an actual class in several weeks because of tropical storms, holidays, and traveling.

Monday – lunges, lower back, and abs, then a 5.2 mile run. I usually run then do strength training, but the sun isn't rising until later. It must be sleepy. While I have no problem running in the dark and I have the gear for it and I run in an area frequented by plenty of runners and walkers, I'd rather not run in the dark. I worry more about skunks and animals than other people.

Tuesday – 6.2 mile run, plus squats and upper body exercises. Went to the gym, since it was raining and I was planning on strength training. I had more flexibility with my schedule on Tuesday than on Wednesday when I usually do strength training. As in I teach on Tuesday and have a large chunk of unstructured time in between my classes. I use most of the time to do work, but I can also exercise whenever it best fits in.

Wednesday – 5.2 mile run in the evening, almost at marathon goal pace. The only mile that was not close to marathon goal pace was the one that was entirely uphill. My last .2 mile was very fast, just to get some practice at pushing hard at the end.

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – 4.2 mile pace run. Humid but not hot. Last pace run of this training cycle. Got this goal pace thing down cold.

Saturday - 12.5 mile run. Met up with some running buddies at the start, and then we all went off at our own paces. Humid and slightly drizzly but not too hot. Went about 6 miles on the bike path and then turned around. Some of the trees are showing hints of fall. My Nike Freakishly Amazing tank made it to 10 miles and then I took it off. Not because I was hot but because the tank was soaked and felt very wet. Freakishly Amazing will not be worn at the Chicago Marathon. The sun started peeking through the clouds just as I finished. Hung around to cheer on my running buddies.

Total Miles: Scheduled – 32 Actual – 33.3

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