Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Open Letter Wednesday

Dear Rock N Roll New Orleans,
I am glad I ran Rock N Roll Mardi Gras/New Orleans as my first marathon in 2011. I had a blast. I am really glad I am not running it this year, though. You took out Audubon Park. That was one of my favorite parts! The whole second half of the marathon course is out in no man's land along the edge of a park and the edge of Lake Pontchartrain. I liked running by Lake Pontchartrain. In fact, it was a beautiful pale blue color that I wasn't expecting. But I would not want to run for miles and miles along the lake. There will be no spectators. Seriously, no spectators. Not exactly what marathoners need in the later miles of a marathon.
marathon runner
P. S. One other thing that I really liked about last year's race was that the half and full marathons split off at mile 5. I don't like races where the half and full marathons split at the half marathon finish line, as you have done this year.

Dear snow,
Thank you for melting so quickly!
winter runner

Dear blisters on my feet,
Be like the snow and kindly go away quickly.
crazy runner

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