Monday, August 20, 2012

The Fall

Running in the fall is the sweet reward for training through the summer. The temperatures are cooler. The humidity is gone. The air is clear. It is a joy to be outside on days like that.

It isn't quite fall yet, but the last few days have brought hope for fall. Part of that was being in New England. But it's not too bad in DC at the moment either. Cooler, not too humid. Cloudy and gray, but who cares. It sure beats oppressive heat.

One of my favorite runs of all-time was in October in Vermont a couple of years ago. The leaves had already changed colors and fallen. It was still beautiful. Clear. Crisp. Quiet. Blue skies. A relatively flat mountain road. First long run ever without my iPod. It was such a good run.

Here's to hoping I will be back out there soon.

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