Sunday, August 19, 2012

Working It

Vacation plus no running plus no gym access meant less exercise.

And I thoroughly enjoyed.

Sunday - Rest.

Monday - 10.3 mile hike up my first high peak (anything over 4000 feet). I've come close to a high peak before but the peak fell short by 50 feet. 6 hours of hike time, plus about an hour break total for snacks, lunch, and wandering around the top of the peak.

Tuesday - Upper body exercises with a resistance band, plus core work and pushups. No legwork because my legs were toast. Good thing I had my Stick.

Wednesday - Legs were still pretty much toast. So I went for a 45-minute walk and did some planks.

Thursday - Got lost in a corn maze for a little more than an hour. Counts as exercise, yes?

Friday - Upper body lifting with the resistance band, core work, lunges, and pushups on the exercise ball.

Saturday - Rest.

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