Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Off the Rhode

As of last week, I have a diagnosis of posterior tibial tendonitis and some Achilles tendonitis as well.

Could be better. Could be worse, I suppose.

Where is the posterior tibial tendon? It stretches from your calf, wraps around your ankle near that bone that sticks out (which is the area where I am having the most pain), and attaches to the sole of your foot. That explains some of the plantar fasiitis-like pain on my sole. Add in the Achilles tendon and that explains the sporadic pain on the sides of my ankle and back of my heel. It all fits together.

This started to get worse when I moved to DC. One of the things that can aggravate this injury is running on hilly surfaces. Hmmm.

Yesterday, someone I just met picked me out as a runner and correctly identified my right side as the injured one. Before I said anything. I didn't realize it was that obvious.

Today, I went to my first physical therapy session. Um, ouch. But good ouch. I felt better than I have in a long time. I have at least a few weeks of PT, some exercises to do on my own, some high doses of ibuprofen for the rest of the week, Superfeet insoles, and one of those packs that you can heat up in the microwave. Yeah, I'm getting old.

I have no idea yet about a prognosis, but it seems promising. Plus I have an excuse to buy new shoes and wear my running shoes to work.

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