Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh Hai

I haven't posted much in the last, oh, forever. Part of it was being injured and I just didn't have much to post. Part of it was access to a computer/lack of a space to work. And part of it was being busy with being in a new place, starting a new job, and buying a house. You know, being an adult.

I am back on the road (mostly the treadmill). I will have my own home office soon (once I finish moving). Job is going very well (and I couldn't be happier). House has been purchased (that in itself could be several posts).

Hopefully things will calm down soon and I will have more time to post. At the very least, I will have an office with a computer that is mine. There are some running thoughts flowing through my head again. Such as the road race I ran while I was in Portugal. And more Lululemon-like workout clothes from Costco. And whatever else I can think of.

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