Saturday, April 7, 2012

Marathon Training Week 21

My plan was cross-train, run 5, 6, and 4 miles, rest, 4-5 mile pace run, and 10ish mile long run, plus strength training where it fits. First week of a 2-week taper. All I have do now is stay healthy and uninjured.

My ankle is bugging me again. I get random aches and pains during taper, but I am not sure this is a taper madness random ache and pain. I'm on it, though. Keep an eye on it and be cautious. I think it is because 1) I haven't been good about spending time with my tennis ball and/or 2) there are mad hillz yo in my new area. Getting the tennis ball out again helped a bit.

Sunday - Traveling. I am so over traveling. I will make an exception for Gansett, though. Did a couple of 20-minute power yoga classes from Hulu Plus, which were interrupted by commercials and weren't very good anyway. Did a 20-minute yoga podcast that I have done before. Much better. Also did planks and pushups.

Monday - 5.2 mile run. Hilly but pleasant weather.

Tuesday - 6.2 mile run. Same route as Monday but went a half mile farther before I turned around. Slightly slower because apparently I did not learn from last week that I need to go earlier and eat enough before I run. No matter. I wasn't carefully monitoring the pace and I wasn't trying to push it.

Wednesday - 5.3 mile run with a group from my new local running store, plus about a half mile (untimed, unmeasured) warmup and half mile walk home. Did upper body strength training, squats, and lunges.

Thursday - Rest

Friday - 4.5 mile pace run. Even with the hills, I got my overall pace in the 7:40s. My lower back was hurting, except when I was running. Wonder what I did to it? Sciatic pain? I don't even know what sciatic pain is supposed to feel like. Did some abs in the evening.

Saturday - 11 mile long run in Rock Creek Park. It was one of those super pleasant runs where you felt like you could run forever. I got distracted by the quiet and prettiness of Rock Creek and went a little farther than I intended to. Oops. It was a perfect day to run a little farther. I am looking forward to spending more time in Rock Creek Park. In taper madness pains, my back was mostly feeling better and my ankle was better too. Two days with a tennis ball seemed to help.

Total Miles: 32.2

One week til Gansett!!

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