Saturday, April 28, 2012

Working It

There was no workout summary post last week. Because I had absolutely no workout plan. Exercise if I felt like it. Not exercise if I felt like it. And then there was that starting a new job business where I knew I wasn't going to have tons of extra time.

I don't do well without a schedule, but it is also very rare for me to not have something to train for. I fully took advantage of not having a schedule. Did 2 midweek runs and whatever I felt like doing for a weekend long run. No yoga. No strength training. It was nice, actually.

Now I am ready to start getting back into a routine. I'm still not training for anything per se, although I did sign up for a local 5K on April 29. I decided to not do the Frederick Half Marathon. It's not going anywhere. Maybe next year.

Over the next few weeks, I want to keep my base miles up around 25 a week. Maybe more. I don't really know. I need to start thinking about my training for Marine Corps, although I don't start training til the end of June. I will be training with a friend who is pretty much the same pace as me (maaaybe a bit slower, but I don't have a goal I have to reach for Marine Corps). No idea what I want to do this time around. No idea how the heat and humidity in DC in the summer is going to affect my training.

Anyway, here are my workouts for this week.

Sunday - Yoga on Netflix, which I didn't like, then one of my 20 minute podcasts which I do like. Also did lunges, abs, lower back, and pushups.

Monday - 4.2 mile pace run. At a 7:30 pace for most of it and a little faster for the last few minutes. I don't really know what my goal pace should be right now, but I figured it would be good to get some practice in for the 5K. Also did upper body strength training and calf raises.

Tuesday - 6.5 mile run. Ran the first 2.5 miles with my husband, then sent him home and picked up the pace for the last 4 miles. Chilly but clear.

Wednesday - 5.7 miles run with the running group. Ran a route that included the 5K. Also did planks and pushups.

Thursday - Rest.

Friday - 3.4 mile run with my husband. Trying to increase his endurance. I'm working on it.

Saturday - Rest in preparation for a 5K tomorrow. I am going to race it. I haven't raced a 5K in a long time and I think I have the base miles to do good stuff.

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