Saturday, August 20, 2011

Marathon Training Week 11

My training plan for the week was cross-train, run 5, 8, and 5 miles, rest, 8 mile run, and 18 mile long run. Welcome to my highest mileage week of this training cycle.

Sunday – easy 30 minutes on the bike at the gym

Monday – 5.2 mile run, plus abs, lower back, and calf raises. Got to try out my new reflective vest. The run was slow. My legs just would not go any faster. That was OK with me. A slow done run is still better than no run. At least there were no "suck it up, cupcake" moments. Could have been not enough sleep, not enough food on Sunday, dehydration, wearing a hat, humidity, rain, or the 25 total miles I ran on Friday and Saturday. Or a combo of any and all of those things. Did some lunges in the evening.

Tuesday – 8.2 mile run up, down, and around the East Side of Providence. Went through a new area around Brown University. Still kinda slow, but was able to push a little bit towards the end. Did some planks in the evening.

Wednesday – 5.2 mile run, plus upper body exercises and squats at the gym, plus 3/4 mile run-walk home from the gym. Back to my usual running pace. Grab your running shoes. It's on.

Thursday – Rest day. Good. I was feeling extra tired this week. And extra hungry.

Friday – 8.2 mile run up, down, and around the East Side of Providence, Brown University and Benefit Street. Such a pretty run. Humid. Glad I brought 3 bottles of water in my Fuelbelt instead of just 2. Finished 2 1/2 bottles during the run.

Saturday – 18.2 mile run. Alone. Without the iPod. Not too hot or sunny but very humid. Ran into a running buddy around mile 9. Bathroom break at mile 11. I hadn't realized that my skirt was already completely drenched to the point where I could have wrung it out. Ran out of water by mile 12 but was within a half mile of my car where I had ice and more water waiting for me. Filled up my bottles, ate a few pretzels, and headed back out for another 5.5 miles. Those last miles were hard. Very hard. My quads were hurting. My lungs felt heavy. I was soaked. I had held a pretty consistent pace until slowing down a little bit in the last few miles. As much as I like running without music, my iPod would have really helped. I either need to run with running buddies or run with my iPod for my 20 milers. One thing that helped was having Dark Horses by Switchfoot running through my head (born for the sunrise, we'll survive the pain). Then my thought cycle went on a loop with "survive the pain, yes I can." Maybe it was the wall? I dunno. I seriously wanted to cry at the end when I had to keep going beyond my car another .35 mile and double back. But I did it. It was good practice for running on tired legs and convincing my legs that my brain is in control and yes, I can do this. Yay. Go me.

Total Miles: Scheduled – 44 Actual – 45

Highest mileage week on the books. 4 weeks to taper. Wait, what?? For real?? Also, I realized that both my marathon and (recent) half marathon PRs qualify me for Corral C at the Chicago Marathon. I am fully taking advantage of that 59 second leeway on both accounts ;-)


  1. Holy COW that is a lot of mileage! I'm tired just reading about it! Well done :)

  2. Thanks! I think it was my highest mileage week ever. Not easy and definitely glad to have it done.