Sunday, August 7, 2011

Marathon Training Week 9

My training plan for the week was cross-train, run 4, 5, and 4 miles, rest, 7 mile pace run, and 11 mile long run. Or cross-train, run 4, 5, 4, rest, rest, and half marathon race according to the new version of Hal Higdon's Intermediate I. Stepback week #3. Dial down the mileage and dial down the strength training. I had to make some changes this week and next because Rock N Roll Providence is on Sunday and doesn't line up with my usual Saturday long run. So I planned to cross-train, run 4, 5, and 4 miles, rest, run 4 miles, rest or cross-train, and half marathon race on Sunday. And I'll "count" Rock N Roll for this week instead of next week.

Sunday - yoga class, plus about 25 minutes walking to and from the gym, plus calf raises.

Monday - 4.2 mile run, plus lower back, abs, and pushups. Tried out new running shoes. My Saucony Guide 3s have been discontinued and replaced by the Guide 4s. The cushioning felt weird when I tried them at the store, but they were fine on an actual run.

Tuesday - 5.2 mile run, the first 4 miles or so with my mother-in-law. Nice and easy, then dropped down to marathon goal pace for the last mile. Did some planks in the evening. New record of 4:21!!

Wednesday - 4.3 mile run that ended at the gym, plus upper body exercises and squats (one less set than usual), plus 3/4 mile run-walk home from the gym. Cool, dry, and comfortable, so I went down to marathon goal pace. It was a test for Rock N Roll Providence. Still not sure about my race day strategy, though. It depends on what Mother Nature throws Providence on Sunday morning.

Thursday - Rest day. Why is it that I feel more tired on days when I get more sleep? I have less coffee on rest days, so maybe that is part of it.

Friday - 4.6 mile run on some of the Rock N Roll Providence hills. Promised myself that I would run easy and not look at Rhody G. Made it 4 miles before I peeked. My intentionally-holding-back-super-easy pace? 8:40. I have enough alerts set up on Rhody G that I have a rough idea of pace even without looking. But still. That's pretty fast for an easy run.

Saturday - Rest day, unless you count walking around the race expo as cross-training.

Sunday - 13.1 mile race. Rock N Roll Providence Half Marathon. Recap coming later. Unofficially finished in 1:45:50 on a hilly course in the rain. I rocked it!!! Now all I have to do is hold that pace for twice as long ;-)

Total Miles: Scheduled - 26.1 or 30.1 or 31 (depending on the plan), Actual - 31.4

Halfway done!!

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