Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down: Food Stuff

Thumbs Up

Starbucks Via instant coffee - I was pleasantly surprised at tasty instant coffee. Good for traveling or stashing in my desk. Pricy but less pricy than going to Starbucks.

Chocolate Raspberry Luna bars
- The only place I've found them is Target by the vitamins. Tastes like a raspberry-topped fudgy brownie.

Zico Chocolate Coconut Water - tastes like a less creamy version of chocolate milk. Best served ice cold.

Tropical Punch Clif Shot Bloks - 1/2 caf. My race/long run fuel of the moment. I've tried strawberry (no caf), cran razz (no caf), and black cherry (full caf). All good. I like the tropical punch kind best for the combo of flavor and the right amount of caffeine. Sometimes I mix half strawberry or cran razz with black cherry to get the same amount of caffeine. But then I can never tell which bloks are which. All the red ones look the same. Tropical Punch is easier.

Thumbs Down

Vanilla Almond Luna bars - It was OK but just eh. Kinda like the White Chocolate Macadamia Luna bar (which I like) but too sweet.

Vitacoco coconut water - I do not like non-flavored coconut water. At all. Tastes like sweaty socks. It's better with a little fresh lime juice but still not something I'd consume on a regular basis.

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