Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Favorite (Only in Rhode Island) Things

Del's Lemonade - Frozen lemony summer goodness with real lemon pieces. Available at stores, trucks, and carts around the state. Tastes best without a straw.
coffee milk - Pour a couple spoonfuls of Autocrat coffee syrup into milk and you have Rhode Island's official state drink. Or use it in place of chocolate syrup on ice cream.
Mr. Potato Head - Hasbro, the company that makes Mr. Potato Head, is based in Rhode Island
Waterfire - The rivers in Providence light up with bonfires several times throughout the summer and fall.
Newport Mansions - The Breakers is the granddaddy of the Newport mansions and would be my choice if you could only see one. My favorite is Rosecliff because I like the rose garden.
Cliffwalk - A 3.5 mile public path running along the water behind most of the Newport mansions.
Slater Mill - Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. DH is a lifelong Rhode Islander and had only recently gone to Slater Mill for the first time. We had a fantastic tour guide.

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