Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

I have to give Skinny Runner credit for recommending both of these. Thanks, Skinny Runner!

Thumbs Up

Zensah compression leg sleeves - I've been thinking about getting compression socks for a while. My shins tend to give me problems, so I figured compression socks or sleeves would help. The sleeves are like getting hugs from angels. They were so comfortable from the second I put them on that I almost wore them to Costco. Almost. I got the XS/S size. Perfect fit. My sports store had red and pink in stock in my size. I went with pink.

Kirkland Signature/Costco yoga tank - Attention Costco members. YOU MUST BUY THIS TANK. NOW. It is identical to Lululemon's cool racerback. Both shirts quickly wick sweat but don't feel wet. Both tanks stayed put on runs. The fabric gets softer after washing. I am convinced they are the exact same tank. Same feel. Same neckline. Same contrast stitching on the inside. Same smell. Same flat seams. Same fiber content. Same functionality. Except you can buy 3 Kirkland tanks for the price of 1 Lululemon tank.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Lululemon and Costco are in the same shopping center. As usual, I went to Lululemon right before I went to Costco. I came very very close to buying another cool racerback at Lululemon, but my wallet is glad I held out for Costco. A wicked good deal at $12.99. I got two.

Which one is the Kirkland Signature tank and which one is the Lululemon tank? The answer is at the bottom.


Also, I though this was a good place to stick in a dud product review.

Thumbs Down

Fuelbelt Wedge bottles - single Fuelbelt bottle designed to clip onto your waistband. Good idea in theory but poorly executed. I originally bought 2 to bring to Mardi Gras Marathon and attach to my Spibelt. At 2 am race day, I decided to scrap the clip-on bottles and go with my Fuelbelt. It was a smart decision. The clip-on bottles would have been a disaster. The cap leaks, I think because of the metal clip part. The clip is hard to work. The bottle is supposed to tuck inside your waistband with the clip on the outside. Maybe I just haven't gotten the hang of them, but I am not a fan.

The pinkish orange tank is the Kirkland Signature tank, in case you're curious.

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