Monday, June 20, 2011

Running in the Heat

Oh, look, more random tips that I've learned along the way.

1. Stay hydrated. Invest in a belt with bottles, stash a bottle along your route so you can pick it up on your way back, find public water fountains, or carry some cash so you can hop into a convenience store. Don't do what I did in my first 10 mile race. It was July. It was hot. I ran the whole thing without drinking any water during the race. I was fine during the race but was very very very dehydrated afterwards. Stupid and extremely unpleasant. Don't do it, people. You have been warned.
2. Start early. 5 or 6 am is not unreasonable. It will be cooler. The sun won't be as strong either.
3. Don't forget about humidity. It makes sweating less effective. Sweat doesn't evaporate as well and therefore doesn't cool you down.
4. Slow down. Very few records are broken in the heat.
5. Walk breaks are not evil. No, really. See point above about slowing down. Combine a walk break with a pitstop.
6. Accept that you will have some bad runs, especially as you learn how to handle the heat. It's part of the game. Runs don't always have to be fast or pretty. You don't always have to enjoy it. You just need to do it.
7. Be wary of chafing. The more you sweat, the more likely you will chafe. Body Glide is your friend.
8. Wear sunscreen. Lobsters only look good on your plate, not on your skin.
9. Hat vs. no hat. Eh, the jury is out on this one. Mostly, I think it's a personal preference. I don't notice a big difference between hat or no hat. The shade on my face is nice, though. Choose a light-colored wicking hat if you go this route.
10. Wear sunglasses. Save the energy you'd use squinting to power your legs. This one is a personal preference too. Some people like hats. Some people like sunglasses. Some people like both.

Also, I don't have a specific tip about fuel/replacing electrolytes and sodium (because preferences and needs vary so much from person to person). But make sure you think about it and find what works for you.

Happy running!

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