Saturday, March 24, 2012

Marathon Training Week 19

I spent 18 weeks for training for Shamrock and will spend another 4 weeks training for Gansett. 22 weeks total I guess?

My training plan for the week was no plan. Take it easy. Sign up for Gansett. Rest and foam roll in the beginning of the week. Attempt to start running on Wednesday or Thursday. Try to do a shorter long run over the weekend. Run in Narragansett!

I looked into Hal Higdon's multiple marathon plans. I like Hal's plans, but I'm not sure the 4-week one is right for me. The mid-week runs looked reasonable. But there is a longish long run the weekend before the marathon and only one week of taper. I would like to do one longish long run next weekend. I'm leery of a one-week taper. So I think I am going to make up my own plan. I have the flexibility to be able to run more, although I know not to ramp it up too quickly. The big thing I need to do is continue to pay very careful attention to my body. Now is not the time to do anything stupid.

Monday and Tuesday - Marathon recovery. No running. Foam rolling and playing with The Stick. Submitted my application for Gansett, waited to get it approved, and signed up the next day. Go go Gansett go!

Wednesday - Still no running. More foam rolling and playing with The Stick. My left leg felt reasonably OK. My right quad was still sore. It was getting better, though.

Thursday - 3.7 mile run. Got going just before 7am for an easy run to test the legs. Wore a skirt and short-sleeve T-shirt. In March. Pace was around 9:00, nice and easy. My right quad was still not 100%, but everything else was fine. I enjoyed seeing most of my morning regulars. Did some pushups in the evening because I felt like it. Got out the foam roller since I already had my mat out.

Friday - 4.6 mile run after work in Narragansett along the sea wall and Ocean Road. Beautiful weather. Waaaay too fast (8:18?!?), but everything felt good. I psychologically needed it. Right quad is up to 99%. Scouted out part of the Gansett course (long gentle incline in the 2nd and 17th miles that I somehow never noticed before), then got dinner from Markos Kabob for the second night in a row. Narragansett is one of the things I will miss the most. Less than one week til I leave Rhode Island :-(

Saturday - 8.5 mile long run. Paced this one in the 8:40s. Much better. Felt great. It was a perfect day to be out for a run. Right around 50 degrees with mostly sunny skies and some breezes. Went to Brown University and downtown Providence, then turned around and retraced my route.

Total Miles - 16.8

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