Saturday, March 31, 2012

Marathon Training Week 20

My plan for the week was ... my own plan. I didn't like any of the plans I saw, so I made up my own multiple marathon schedule. I'm keeping Hal Higdon's intermediate structure of run 5 times a week (3 days in a row, then 2 days in a row), cross-train one day, and completely rest one day, plus strength training where it fits. I can adjust as necessary. I start a 2-week taper after this week.

Will this work? I don't know. I am going into uncharted territory. But I know how I like to train. I have learned through multiple training cycles how to listen carefully to my body. I've been doing this long enough that I think I know what works. We'll see what happens on April 14.

Gansett will throw off my schedule in the last week because it is on a Saturday. Every other marathon or half marathon I've done has been on a Sunday. That's pretty minor, though. A day or two has never really thrown me off in the past.

Sunday - last yoga class at my gym. I was sad that my regular instructor wasn't there, although I went on Monday after one of her other classes to say goodbye. My legs needed yoga. Oh, they could feel it. Did calf raises before class.

Monday - 4.5 mile run in the AM. A wee bit chilly but generally pleasant. Last day at my job. Carried my box of stuff from cleaning out my office about a quarter mile. Jelly arms.

Tuesday - 9.3 mile run. Last longish run in Rhode Island. Cold and windy. I was not feeling this run at all. Went out too fast in the beginning. Felt tired and lightheaded at the end. I didn't eat enough beforehand or bring enough water with me (had an 8 oz Fuelbelt bottle ... not nearly enough). And I started my run later than I usually do, hence not enough food. Lesson learned. I felt perfectly fine once I got home and had more food. And water. And coffee. Went to the gym to do lunges, upper body strength training, squats, and core work. Still having some occasional weird issues with my right quad, so I lightened up on the squats a bit. Last time at my gym.

Wednesday - 5.7 mile run. Last time on my regular running route. Miscalculated my turnaround point, so I ended up running farther than I meant to. Not as cold, though. Walked all over Boston. Last time I will be in Boston for a while.

Thursday - Rest. And traveling. Again. It'll be nice when this traveling business lets up.

Friday - 7.2 mile pace run. Flew around my hometown in capris and a short-sleeve shirt. I'm not sure what my pace should be, but I figured run comfortably fast. Overall pace was 7:33. Hello, confidence. Glad you're sticking around. I needed that after some of the runs I had this week. I still got it.

Saturday - 18.2 mile long run in and around Eisenhower Park. In the mist. Wasn't too cold, though, as long as you had the right clothing. Ran a little bit in the park, then around the park clockwise, then in the park, then most of the way around the park counter-clockwise, then a few more miles in the park. Took bathroom breaks at mile 2 and 15, refueled at my car at mile 10, and had to take a short untimed walk break at mile 16.5 to get rid of a painful side stitch. I planned the end carefully so that I ended exactly at my car. At that point, I had been misted and lightly rained on for almost 2 1/2 hours. I needed to get into dry clothes as soon as I stopped. I was glad that the bathroom that wasn't open earlier was finally open. It was warm, or at least warmer than it was outside. This was another run to boost my confidence. My pace held steady in the 8:10s, fell to 8:09 at mile 13, and finished in the 8:00s. The last 6 miles were sub-8 without even trying. Well, I was trying in the last 3 miles or so but wasn't pushing it before then. Woot!

Total Miles: 44.9

It's taper time again!!

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