Thursday, March 29, 2012

On the Road out of the Rhode: Part III

A few more hours and then I am on the road again.

I have slowly said goodbye to people in Rhode Island since the beginning of March. My running buddies (although I will see many of them when I come back to run Gansett). My coworkers. My major professor. The priest who performed my wedding ceremony who I followed to a parish in Providence. My yoga instructor. My in-laws (who I have lived with for 2 years). The campus where I got my graduate degrees. OK, so that isn't a person. It's still bittersweet.

I still don't have a job. I have a good lead on a job, though. I have a growing list of positions to apply for. My resume is in the hands of a headhunter. I no longer have to explain that I am in Rhode Island but will be moving to the DC area soon. Things are looking promising. In the meantime, I run and enjoy all of the free things to do in DC.

I will be back. I have family in Rhode Island (see the point above re: in-laws). I'm going back in April (good, since I can't fit everything in my car) and at least one more time to return my stuff from work. I've been at this point of almost leaving before. But this time it is different. I really am leaving Rhode Island. If people ask me where I am from, I don't think I will say New York where I grew up. I am a Rhode Islander. A transplanted Rhode Islander, but a Rhode Islander nonetheless.

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