Friday, March 30, 2012

Open Letter Randomness

Dear Carra,
I know it wasn't nice to load you with so much stuff that I couldn't see out the back and then expected you to go fast. I know, you didn't handle like you normally do. I know, it was like running a marathon with a weighted backpack on. You are a trooper. Rest today and tomorrow and then we'll head out for the last 200 miles or so on Sunday. I promise we won't do this again. Well, maybe.
car mama

Dear guido guy in an Infinity,
I bet you thought you were clever passing me on the right on the parkway and then looking at me when I went flying past you while you were on an exit ramp. Idiot. Don't be fooled by my license plates. I learned how to drive here. I can drive just as aggressively as anyone else.
former Long Islander

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