Monday, December 5, 2011

I wish someone had told me ...

... that the pace on my Garmin during a race was going to be off by 5-10 seconds per mile than the official pace. The Garmin calculates pace based on the actual distance you run. So if you weave or don't run perfect tangents on turns or there's just some errors inherent in any measurement, the pace will be off.

... that running is cheap. Until you enter more races, travel to races, start running longer distances, go through shoes more quickly, need to get rid of all of the cotton clothes in your workout gear collection and replace them with wicking socks/shirts/pants, start running in the cold, start running in the dark, decide you need a Garmin, etc.

... that I would start getting up early to get my run in and actually look forward to it.

... that I would get so many more benefits from running than I ever imagined.

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