Saturday, December 17, 2011

Marathon Training Week 5

My plan for the week was cross-train, run 3, 6, and 3 miles, rest, 6 mile run, and 12 mile long run. Stuck to it, except for averaging about 3 miles over Hal's plan as I have been doing every week. What else is new? ;-)

I have this idea to race a half marathon on a treadmill for the half marathon race in my training plan in Week 9. Crazy, huh? There are no half marathons anywhere remotely close to me that line up with my training plan. However, I could do a virtual half marathon. The Nike+ Women's Half Marathon is that weekend.

Sunday - yoga class (with a different instructor ... it was nice to change it up but I like the regular instructor better), plus calf raises and lunges. Really liking my Saucony Hattori shoes.

Monday - 3.8 mile run in the AM. Easy pace. Not gonna lie, I really like these frosty morning runs. The moon was still up and the sky was just starting to get light when I set out. So pretty. Did abs and lower back in the evening while spending some quality time with my DVR.

Tuesday - 6.5 mile run, plus upper body strength training and squats. Final exam day. Yay! I go back to only having one job.

Wednesday - 3.7 mile run in the AM. Tried eating 2 caffeinated shot bloks (because the packages were open) instead of my usual pre-run coffee. Yeah. No. Need coffee before morning runs. Or maybe it was my strength training the day before. Wasn't really feeling it, but it happens sometimes. Did planks and pushups in the evening.

Thursday - Rest. And extra sleep because I didn't need to be ready for an 8am class. Ahhhhh.

Friday - 6.2 mile run on the treadmill. It was relatively warm but very windy, plus I only have 1 route for all of my winter runs. I will get bored with that route if I run it too much. Can't run on the bike path once it snows and I don't feel safe running on my college campus while classes are not in session. The treadmill is a change of pace. Well, not literally a change of pace. The second half was pretty darn good. I increased the speed by .1 mph with 2.5 miles to go and kept increasing it another .1 mph every half mile or so. When I saw 8:20 on the pace display, I thought about how I held an 8:20 pace in my second half marathon. That was such a good race where everything came together perfectly. My iPod picked me songs I really like. That certainly helped.

Saturday - 13.2 mile run. Had some errands to run in the morning that put me on the highway, so I figured I'd drive farther and start my route a few miles farther down the bike path than usual. Ran on a mostly different section that I had never been on before. Very pleasant, not too cold, and good pace. Saw some interesting things, including a salt marsh, ducks and swans, and nice views of Narragansett Bay.

Total Miles: Scheduled - 30 Actual - 33.4

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