Saturday, December 10, 2011

Marathon Training Week 4

My plan for the week was cross-train, run 3, 6, and 3 miles, rest, 6 mile pace run, and 11 mile long run. Time to ramp it up for another push forward.

Sunday - yoga class, plus calf raises, lunges, and lower back.

Monday - 3.7 mile run on a misty morning. Kept the pace on the easy side. Was glad I swapped out my winter tights for a lighter pair of crops. It wasn't cold enough for winter tights.

Tuesday - 6.5 mile run, plus some planks afterwards. Much faster than it should have been, but whatever. The weather cooperated for an unseasonably warm day with some light rain showers. A December day when you are too warm in shorts and a T-shirt is a gift.

Wednesday - Two a day. Strength training in the AM (upper body, squats, and pushups) followed by a 3.7 mile run in the evening. In the dark. And the rain. Again. Oh yeah, there was some wind too. By far the most unpleasant run I have had in a very long time. My tolerance for poor conditions is high, but this was just not fun at all. I almost bailed about 1.5 miles in. It forced me to take it easy, though, which was exactly what I needed.

Thursday - Rest. And chocolate-covered espresso beans from Trader Joe's. Oh wait, this is supposed to be about workouts, not food.

Friday - 6.3 mile pace run. Frosty (literally ... it was about 30 degrees when I started) and mostly dark. My individual mile splits varied (particularly the middle miles where my legs felt cold), but my overall pace was spot on. I nailed it down to the second. Not bad for my first non-treadmill pace run. Ran on my usual packed dirt/gravel running path with a flashlight so that I wouldn't trip on the uneven surface. I haven't ran this particular route in the morning recently. I was pleasantly surprised that 1) I was never alone because there were plenty of runners and walkers out and 2) I saw most of my morning regulars who have been out since the summer. Now that's dedication.

Saturday - 12.3 mile run. Ever have one of those runs where you felt slow as molasses, then look at your Garmin and realize you are running much faster than you thought? Yep, that was this run. I kept trying to slow down in the first few miles but was still going too fast. It got windy in the last 30 minutes or so but was otherwise cool and comfortable. I stopped at mile 4 for a potty break in a supermarket and had to wait at mile 8 to cross a street. Pushed in the last couple of miles. 8:13 pace overall.

Total Miles: Scheduled - 29 Actual - 32.4

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