Saturday, December 31, 2011

Marathon Training Week 7

My plan for the week was cross-train, run 4, 7, and 4 miles, rest, 7 mile pace run, and 14 mile long run. Step it up again. No more 3 mile runs til the week before Shamrock.

Sunday - yoga podcast, which was OK. I got lost on some of the poses. Next time I will print out the pose guide. I came close to holding crow, though. That's progress. I got to use my new yoga block. Also did some pushups.

Monday - 4.8 mile run, plus upper body strength training, squats, and calf raises. I had the day off and so off I trottled to the gym.

Tuesday - 7.5 mile run in the AM. Started off slow but got the overall pace down to 8:27 by the end. Saw some pretty red and pink clouds while the sun was rising.

Wednesday - 4.6 mile run on the treadmill, plus lunges and core work. I need to get my butt out of bed earlier so that I do not feel rushed to get to work on time (my schedule is flexible so it is technically impossible for me to be "late." I generally get to work at the same time every day, though, give or take 15 minutes). Or remember to do some of my strength training in the evening while watching TV. Or go to bed earlier so that I am not super tired when I wake up. Or stop celebrating holidays.

Thursday - Rest. And traveling. And Swedish meatballs at IKEA. Mmmm lingonberry sauce.

Friday - 7.2 mile pace run. On Long Island for a few days. Wasn't quite at my planned pace (7:45) but was pretty close (7:52) and didn't feel overly challenging. I ran on the sidewalk and had to keep jumping up and down curbs and watch out for uneven surfaces on the sidewalk, so maybe that was it. I also had to stop at about 2 miles and 5.3 miles to cross a busy street. Seriously almost got hit by cars twice. Thanks, Long Island. On a positive note, I didn't know there was a trail that ran through my hometown. I didn't run on it because I was alone and don't run on trails anyway, but that's nice to know.

Saturday - 15.2 mile run. Went to Eisenhower Park. The Long Island Marathon and Divas Half Marathon Long Island both finish in the park. Eisenhower Park is larger than its more famous cousin, Central Park in NYC. The perimeter is about 6 miles, and it is easy enough to cover some miles on paths inside the park or by doubling over some of the perimeter. I putzed around inside the park for the first 5.5 miles or so, failed at finding an open bathroom, stopped at my car to fill up my water bottles and get my iPod (because the perimeter is incredibly boring ... strip malls, busy streets, golf courses, nothing, and a residential area), then ran around the outside, then had about 3.5 miles left once I got back into the park. Surprisingly, I ran faster with my iPod. Hmm, interesting. 8:14 pace overall with the last mile sub-8. Go me.

Total Miles: Scheduled - 36 Actual - 39.3

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