Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Running Thoughts O'Random x 4000

I ran my 4000th mile since I started keeping track in January 2008 in my run yesterday. No wonder it was a good run.

I didn't realize I had hit 4000 miles right away because most of my runs are logged in Nike+. Anything since the beginning of June is logged in Garmin Connect. One of my tasks (whenever I have free time ... good luck with that) is to consolidate everything into Garmin Connect.

One of the reasons I like running is that I just really like data. Distance, pace, time, calories. It's all good. Reports for specific time periods? Made of win.

Speaking of Nike+, Nike is sending me a free Nike+ sensor because I reached the black level (5000K or about 3100 miles). I don't use Nike+ much anymore, but I have family members who do. Free is good.

And one more thing. My husband just registered for the Shamrock Half Marathon. Yay! Oh, we won't race or train together because the races start at different times and we run at different paces (I am considerably faster), but that's good that he has a goal to work towards. 100 days to go.

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