Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Sunday Thoughts O'Random

I need to remember to not back up my computer at a time when I need to use my computer. Planning fail. Oops. At least I have an extra copy of my music, photos, and other assorted files.

I am seriously thinking about racing a half marathon. On a treadmill. Crazy? Maybe, but I've done crazier things. I'll take a half marathon on a treadmill over a half marathon in a nor'easter any day.

Costco rocks yet again for carrying Lululemon knockoffs. This time, it's yoga pants similar to the Groove pants. Same fiber content, same feel, same functionality. I've already worn the Costco pants to a yoga class and couldn't tell the difference between the Lululemon pants and the Costco ones. They seem true to size but with long inseams (they had short, regular, and tall). I am not particularly short, and yet short fits me fine. Thank you, Kirkland Signature brand.

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