Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Races in Review

Here's the breakdown of my 2011 in races. I am moving sometime in the next few months, so this year was the last chance for me to do my regular races in Rhode Island. Too bad. I will miss a lot of these. I also traveled to 2 big races this year. That's new to me.

I realized that I ran more races than I thought I did. I thought it was more like 4 races. Ha. Who knew? There's still a possibility of one or two more 5Ks, but I doubt it. I'd want to try to PR but could potentially injure myself. My focus is marathon training.

Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Marathon, New Orleans, LA
My first marathon and a race I would definitely do again. Flat, mostly interesting course, well-organized, and tons of fun.

Cox Rhode Races Marathon, Providence, RI - Eh. The marathon is an OK choice for locals, but I'd seriously think about running it again. There are some issues with the course and limited crowd support, especially in the last 2 miles.

Harvard Pilgrim 10K, Foxboro, MA - 4th of July-themed race. The best part of this race is finishing on the field in Gillette Stadium. There are a lot of cons, though. It can be hot and humid, no electrolyte drinks, no tech shirt, the course is crowded, etc.

Rock N Roll Providence Half Marathon, Providence, RI - There were some extra hitches because it was an inaugural half marathon, but otherwise pretty much what I expected from Rock N Roll. Moderately hilly on a similar course to the Cox Rhode Races Half Marathon.

Rhode Island College Homecoming 5K, Providence, RI - small local 5K. Hopefully it will be back next year.
Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL - Amazing crowd support, flat, and generally well-run. If it wasn't so expensive and if registration was open longer, I'd run it again.
Amica/United Healthcare Half Marathon, Newport, RI - My favorite half marathon by far. Moderately hilly. Had a really fun time running through the scenic parts of Newport. I would come back to Rhode Island just to run this race.

Total races: 7
Total miles: 114.1

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