Saturday, November 19, 2011

Marathon Training Week 1

This is my first week training for the Shamrock Marathon on March 18 in Virginia Beach. Yay for being back on a training plan. Once again, I am using Hal Higdon's Intermediate I. I would step up to Intermediate II, but my job and living situations are in flux. I'm not sure I have the flexibility to run extra miles. That said, I might bump up the mileage slightly here and there.

I am still training to attempt a Boston Qualifier/Gansett Qualifier. I have a feeling Gansett's qualifying standards will drop for 2013. If that is the case, my best shot is to try hard for 2012. We'll see what happens when I get out there on March 18.

My plan for the week was cross-train, run 3, 5, and 3 miles, rest, 5 mile pace run, and 8 mile long run. Once again, I shifted Hal's plan by one day. I like doing my long runs on Saturdays and I go to power yoga on Sundays for "active" rest/cross-training. So, yeah, I have a plan again, but it's not much different from what I would do normally. At least not at this point.

Sunday - 3.7 mile run in the DC area. Except for The Mall and the banks of the Potomac River, DC is very hilly. Doesn't matter where you go. It's hilly. Switched Sunday's and Monday's workouts because I was traveling.

Monday - yoga on demand. We just switched from cable to Verizon Fios, so I had new on demand yoga videos to choose from. Wasn't overly impressed with the first yoga video I tried. It was a little too advanced for me. Arm balances in a yoga video? Riiiiight. Oh well, there are more. Also did lunges, abs, lower back, and calf raises.

Tuesday - 5.2 mile run. It was too fast, especially since it was warm. But it was a needed confidence boost. I finally kicked the cold that I had had for almost a week. I had a new pair of shoes, so maybe that was part of it. Then did upper body lifting and squats at the gym.

Wednesday - 3.7 mile run in the dark. First run in complete darkness since ... February? Bonus points for rain as well as darkness. Got out a reflective vest, reflective hat, reflective arm sleeves, white T-shirt (thanks, Chicago Marathon), and red blinky light from my Amica swag bag. It felt like I was running really fast, but then I looked at R2 (new Garmin) and realized I wasn't fast at all. Ha ha. Oops. I generally do my darkness runs in well-lit areas of a college campus. Even though there are people around and emergency lights in sight just about all the time, I always carry my phone in my Spibelt. And wear my RoadID on my shoe. Then did a few planks when I got home.

Thursday - rest

Friday - 5.2 mile pace run on the treadmill. Set the speed to 7.7mph (7:45ish pace) and off I went. Started out my first pace run of this training cycle exactly the same as my first pace run of last training cycle. On the treadmill. Then, it was because I didn't know how to pace myself appropriately. Now, it is because it is too dark to run outside in the morning. Bah. But it was also because it's been a while since I've done pace runs and I need some help getting used to them again. While it was somewhat challenging, I never thought "What have I gotten myself into?" this time around. I know pace runs are supposed to be challenging and I know they will get easier as I run on. Yay.

Saturday - 9.2 mile run. Chilly and sunny but was appropriately dressed. Pace was all over the place but was reasonable overall. The last mile was at marathon goal pace. For some reason, my Fuelbelt did not want to stay put. Oh well. It happens.

Total Miles: Scheduled - 24 Actual - 27

One week down, 17 to go. Sham Rock On!


  1. I soooo want to run Shamrock! Mostly because I want to wear a green tutu! I will either have to convince the husband to travel for another or live vicariously through you. :-)

  2. A green tutu would be fun! The half marathon sold out by mid-December last year and is on pace (pun intended) to sell out earlier this year. The marathon didn't sell out til just before the race, but I have a feeling the marathon will reach its cap earlier too. At least hotels in Virginia Beach are cheap that time of year.