Saturday, November 12, 2011

Marathon Training Week -1

This was my last week with no real workout plan. I aimed to run just over 20 miles and phase in my strength training.

Sunday - yoga class at the gym, plus calf raises

Monday - lunges, lower back and abs, then 4 mile run. In the morning. Because it is light enough (at least for the next week or two) to run in the morning.

Tuesday - 5 mile run in between classes and meeting with students. It's crunch time.

Wednesday - Rest. Wasn't feeling so hot on Tuesday. Was feeling a little bit better on Wednesday but knew I had a mild cold. Best not to push it.

Thursday - 4 mile run on the treadmill, plus upper body lifting and squats. Still wasn't 100% but felt OK enough to exercise.

Friday - traveling again, so another rest day. And a concert.

Saturday - 8.2 mile run in Washington, DC. Still had that pesky cold, so it was slow. A slow done run is better than no run.

Total Miles: 21.2

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