Monday, November 7, 2011

Gear Favorites


1. Spibelt - For those times when you need to carry stuff and don't have pockets. Don't let looks fool you. Its capacity is deceptively large. Expands to the size of the items in the pouch. Has held 1) phone, key, iPod nano or 2) weight lifting gloves or 3) 2 packs of Shot Bloks, chapstick, and tissue. Doesn't bounce at all when items are positioned right.

2. Zensah compression leg sleeves - feel like hugs from angels for your lower legs. I only wear them for recovery/overnight. They have made a big difference in preventing shin splints. And they just feel good. Get the size XS/S if you don't have man calves.

3. Clif Shot Bloks - My current preference for fuel. I outgrew sports beans and didn't particularly like Gu. Strawberry, cran razz, black cherry, and tropical punch are my favorites.

4. Chica Bands/BIC Bands - thin or thick ribbon headbands with a non-slip velvety surface on one side. BIC Bands donates money to a different charity every month. Sometimes worn as a regular headband. Warning: addictive. I have so many that I can match ANY outfit.

5. Bondi Bands - It took me a while to come around to these. I just needed to figure out that I like to wear them folded in half. They work well as sweatbands in the summer. They're also good in colder weather when I need something to cover my ears. Plus Bondi Bands does custom designs. Thumbs up from me!

6. Illuminite hat - Picked this up at a sample sale a few years ago. Lights up in a direct light source. Made of a lightweight material. I keep it in my car, because you never know when you will need a hat.

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