Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back on the Rhode

Today ends my running hiatus. I ran 3.7 miles today. I made it 16 days, although this time I wasn't itching to get back on the road. The break was actually kinda nice.

I have 2 weeks until I start another marathon training cycle.

I considered Rock N Roll USA, but I heard bad things about it last year (when it was National) and I'm not sure what Rock N Roll will do in the first year taking over this race. I considered the Long Island Marathon in early May (because it is flat and my travel costs would be minimal), but it could be boring and too warm. I didn't particularly want to travel since that generally drives up race costs. I considered marathons along the Atlantic Coast down to about Virginia in March and April.

I picked the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach on March 18, 2012. I should be in the DC area by then, so that will make it a 3-4ish hour drive to Virginia Beach. Hotels are fairly cheap. I saw a lot of Shamrock shirts at the Marine Corps Marathon. The deciding factor was that it is Shamrock's 40th year and they are doing something special. OK then, Shamrock it is. My registration is already bought and paid for.

And I thought I wasn't going to do another marathon where I had to train through the winter. How quickly we forget.

Sham Rock On!!

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