Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Running in the Dark

Who's not ready for Daylight Saving Time to end this weekend? *raises hand*

It will be nice to have more light in the morning. Sun up after 7am is not a good thing. But darkness in the evening guarantees running in the dark. Sun down well before 5pm is not a good thing either.

How to Run in the Dark

1. Get as much reflective gear as possible. There is no such thing as too much reflective gear. You want to light up like a Christmas tree.

2. Wear light or bright colors. Colors that could be highlighters are good choices. Avoid black and earth tones.

3. Use active lighting as well as passive lighting. While reflective gear (passive lighting) is extremely important, it only works if a light source shines directly on you. Carry something that creates its own light (active lighting), such a blinky or non-blinky light or a small flashlight. Or both.

4. Those little LED flashlights are perfect for runners. My local discount store carries them for a few dollars each, including batteries. They're small, bright, and not heavy. Some have wrist strap. Even the small single bulb keychain flashlights are pretty bright. You can shine it on your path so you can see where you are going or flash it at cars to make sure they see you.

5. Do not assume drivers see you. This applies anytime but especially in the dark. The only close call I've had was in a poorly lit area with no sidewalk. I had no choice but to be on the road. The driver clearly did not see me. Now, I knew the driver didn't see me, so I got out of the way. You better believe it was the last time I went on the road without my blinky red light.

6. If you are on the road, run against traffic. Always. This applies anytime as well.

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